The best app to record hotflashes and more

Luna is aimed at women who are currently experiencing menopause or perimenopause. Luna helps women understand what causes hot flashes in their diet, physical and emotional activities.

Record realtime hotflashes

80% of women going through menopause experience hotflashes. Track hotflashes in real time with the touch of a button. Record their intensity for a more accurate record.


What you eat can help alleviate menopause symptoms or highten them. Keep track of meals and drinks that contain potential hotflash triggers, such as food high in sugar, fat, or that contains caffeine or alcohol.

Keep track of your mood

Menopause can feel like an emotional roller coaster; track hotflashes in real time with the touch of a button, record their intensity for a more accurate record.


Luna uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn to recognize patterns on its own and make predictions. This helps luna alert you of possible symptom triggers and provide advice based on your personal data.

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