Dance Your Menopause Away

4 Ways to Keep in Shape During Climacteric

By now, you might have figured out that the two greatest health dangers of the menopause are the weakening heart and fragile bones. And no, we are not trying to play down the proverbial hot flashes and mood swings. Eating right is great, but there is no better cure for all these threats than physical activity. Put that plate away, and get those nutrients moving.
Let’s start with the heart - to keep it healthy, the most beneficial exercise is - it should come as no surprise:


Cardio will fortify both your heart and your bones. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming are some common shapes that cardio comes in, no matter if they take place on the treadmill, velocimeter, the pool, in the park or the ocean.
Other than the heart of the menopausal woman, cardio helps her brain by boosting serotonin production. And obviously, it helps her in her battle against the dreaded extra pounds. We already spoke about how exercise prevents the menopausal mood swings in another article. This brings us to the next type of physical activity that helps boost happiness:

Yoga, Pilates

These are not so intense yet reduce incidents of hot flashes and irritability. More time to clear your busy mind, less pressure, to match your declining energy. Though let’s not forget that there are 102-year old marathon female runners out there (Ida Keeling). Even if most of us are not world record setters even in our 40s or 50s, we can still get inspired by her example of energy and strength of character. Speaking of strength:

Strength Exercise

Dumbbells and resistance tubing will help you improve bone density. In the gym, go for weight machines or free weights.
Persisting against all the odds of ageing is admirable. Yet, some of us are more lovers than fighters. If you belong to the lovers' group, you may find your favorite exercise to be:


From salsa to ballet, the options are endless. It brings all the benefits that come with cardio. It is particularly good for you if you consider yoga a bit boring and gym a bit too taxing. It can also give your social life and mental health a boost. Learning new steps can help you train your brain as well as your feet. It can increase your confidence in your looks, even as you age. You will find yourself singing (and dancing) along to “I Feel Pretty” in no time.
In your middle age, it may still be challenging to find the time in your packed schedule to exercise. But since when do you back down from a challenge? Get off your butt and on the dance floor! The end of your periods is not the end of your life. More about periods during menopause, you can read in our blogs on Period.

Source: My Luna Editor.

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