The cycles of our bodies are mirrored by the cycles of the moon and luna means moon in the Latin language. When our bodies stop the monthly cycling, we are experiencing big emotional and health shifts that many of us experience at midlife.

This is a self-care and social app and we aren’t doctors. We searched for a way to navigate a time in life for which women are unprepared.

- To understand your health and body better during perimenopause and menopause.

- To join a community with a group of women who are going through the same process to share experiences.

- To receive predictions of possible hot flashes to minimize discomfort.

MyLuna can help you understand what causes hot flashes, provide predictions of possible hot flashes and help you to understand your health and body more.

You and MyLuna. Rest assured that your privacy is fully protected and your health information will not be shared to third parties. For more details please click here

You can use the "Delete Account" option located in your profile. Once you choose it, the app will guide you through the process and explain what will happen to your information.

By clicking the “Get Report” button you can send your symptoms by date range to your doctor.

From our blogs, articles and menopause guidebook will help you to learn more about menopause and how to improve your quality of life during this journey.

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