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Every person’s body differs and our daily life patterns can affect the intensity and the length of hot flashes.

MyLuna helps women monitor the changes and put them under control by tracking menopausal symptoms. Our features aim to improve your quality of life.

Record Hot flashes

This main app feature gives you the ability to record hot flashes in realtime. This helps you and your doctor to discover patterns of what may cause hot flashes.

Report to your doctor

Our tracking tools can generate a report for you to share with your doctor. It is important to share your report of your life style and patterns to receive professional insights from your doctor.

Get predictions

You receive advice on how to minimize the chance of getting hot flashes. MyLuna uses Artificial Intelligence to detect behavioral patterns of each user based on trackings of hot flashes, meals, sleep, moods, and exercises.


Update and track your sleep pattern every day to discover insights about your quality of sleep.

It’s important to rest well in order to maintain your quality of life and to minimize the chances of hot flashes. You can provide more insights to your doctor with our tracking reports.


Our meal-tracker logs your meals which helps to determine nutrition interventions.

By tracking what you eat can help you to avoid certain foods and decrease the chances of hot flashes, because food is one of the most important triggers.

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