Practice Mindfulness Meditation

And Sleep Better During Menopause

You might have heard that meditation can help you get a good night’s sleep during menopause. Still, what does meditation mean? Reaching a blissful state? Union with higher worlds? Different types of meditation exist, and this article will shed some light on mindfulness meditation, which is proven to help menopausal women sleep better. We will also guide you through the steps of practicing it.

Mindfulness meditation is one of the three kinds of meditation - the other two being concentration and guided meditation. It differs from the rest in that it focuses on just paying attention to nothing else but your body. Before we tell you how to practice it, here is how to know you are not getting quality sleep:

An A to F of recognizing a sleep disturbance:

a. It is hard for you to fall asleep.
b. You wake up frequently during the night
c. You wake up too early in the morning
d. You have less than 7 hours on average per night
e. You feel unwell and tired during the day
f. You have difficulties doing anything during the day

Practicing Mindfulness Meditation

It does not have a goal to clear your mind or any goal at all. It does not promise a state of bliss or otherworldly revelation. What you are trying to do is focus on how your body feels at the present moment and get rid of judgement.

1. While trying to focus on the sensations of your body (breathing, the coolness of your bedding, etc.), you may have many other unrelated thoughts (your house needs remodeling, what your neighbor told you the other day, for example). The trick here is to recognize that you have those thoughts without fear. Your ability to notice your mind has wandered allows you to consciously come back to the present moment. You will get better at this with practice. And that will help you prevent mechanical action like answering without hearing the actual question, mindless eating, and so on.

2. Then it comes the “no judgement” challenge. We tend to be too critical of ourselves. Although there are times when this critical ability may come useful, try not to judge yourself for the thoughts that come to mind when you practice mindfulness. Just make a mental note of them, let them go away while acknowledging how they make your body feel, and then let that go away too.

3. Every time your mind wanders, and you have to return it to your breathing, that is an anchor to the present moment. This will reinforce your ability to return again. And again.

Drifting into sleep already? If not, experts recommend practicing mindfulness meditation for ideally - 20 min per day. Do try and share your experience with us!

Source: My Luna Editor.

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